Goddess of Success

"Marilyn, you gently and firmly showed me that my own beliefs and reflections of myself severly impacted my ability to be my 'best me.' I am most grateful for your wisdom and multi-faceted knowledge."
—CB, Corporate VP

"I'm still basking in the glow of the deep, transformational work you facilitated for me, Marilyn. Its like the big piece of the puzzle just snapped into place and everything is back on course for my greatest success."
—KM, Therapist

"Marilyn's intuitive ability to ask just the right questions guided me to a place of profound insight and honesty. She seemed to know exactly what I needed and had the skills to accompany me in my journey of self-discovery." She is a gifted coach and one of those rare people who is contributing to a shift in our collective consciousness by helping individuals find their true power."
—Phyllis Unterschuetz,
Author and Speaker

"I extend a warm embrace to you, Marilyn for your mentorship in my success. I felt you hold the space for me to discover and grow. Your light is beautiful and your guidance is thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you for walking your talk and supporting me."
—Annie, Children's Music Program owner

"My spirit leaps with Marilyn supporting me to become more courageous, find my gifts and feel accepted in all of my guises.

I came to my session feeling sluggish and helpless; I emerged energized, eager and joyful, ready to dance with success."

—Joan Englander, Author




Marilyn HagerHi, I'm Marilyn Hager and I am so glad that you are here. I have been preparing for our journey together...

You are in the right place if you are like so many women who are:

Experiencing a gnawing dissatisfaction with the direction of your career but don't have a clearly defined alternative plan, or maybe you...
Have a sense of what you are being called to bring forth, but need clarity about the details, or you are...
Excited and inspired by an impulse that is surging through you with especially high intensity at this time, and...
Feeling overwhelmed by all that you can see needs to be done and you don't know where to start or what to do next.
  Goddess of Success Private Coaching modules are customized for your unique pathway for thriving. In nine weeks, you will discover how to open a window and soar beyond the inner glass ceiling that is keeping you stuck, dissatisfied and confused.

Together, we will empower your feminine ability to relate with compassion and understanding to your own limitations. You will then apply these same principles to recognize and fulfill on the needs of those you serve.

You will harness the power of masculine structures to transform your vision and create offerings that will have those you serve easily find you. Through the methods we will use to create your wildly successful marketing campaign, you will magnetize your tribe and watch them clamor to receive the gifts you are guided to bring to them!

Here's how:
Together we will travel along your Success Destiny Journey, a coaching series, utilizing this uniquely powerful 3-phase approach for your business success:


Success through Self-Empowerment

Identify and release the inner obstacles that have kept success from taking root in your life.

The Great Mother and Goddess of Compassion will guide your journey into the internal landscape of old stories and beliefs about yourself, others and life that may be creating obstacles to your success.


Step into a passionate co-creative relationship with life in alignment with your deepest desires, core values and inspired vision for how to fulfill on your life's purpose.

The Mystic will support your inquiry into the deeper truth of who you came here to be, as we part the veils and drop into empty presence across all space and time to access your Soul level awareness.


Attune with your inner radiance to confidently connect with your ability to serve and support others with your offerings in deeply related and mutually beneficial ways.

The Goddess of Love will embrace you to recognize the value of your inner being, showing you how to relax into the magnetism your authenic self naturally exudes.

Phase 2

Product Production Supervision

Gracefully Produce Your Product or Service Offering

I will guide you to successfully translate the creative impulse as you bring forth tangible, quantifiable results in the form of your unique product or service.

Through the deeper inspiration of your Soul and the support of your Goddess of Success Offer/Product Vision, you will unlock the greatest power you have ever known.

Together, we will weave the gifts of masculine structures with the power of feminine wisdom and generate unstoppable momentum to fulfill on your greatest visions for success.

The Muse will playfully spark your creativity and The Creatrix will keep you focused and on target as you implement your clearly defined offerings.

Phase 3

Wildly Successful Marketing

Develop a customized brand strategy that touches the Souls of your clients and customers.

Create an effective, impactful internet and traditional marketing strategy to empower and engender fantastic results.

Through your Goddess of Success Marketing Plan, your clients will perk-up and turn toward you, magnetized by the very essence of your offer.

The Initiator and Liberator will walk beside you as we climb to the top of the pinnacle while launching your next business idea. Their influences will usher you toward the highest use of your power to super-charge your ideas as you free yourself from limitation and communicate your message to the world in compelling ways.


About Marilyn Hager
International Transformative Master Business Coach, Transformative Educator, Creative Alchemist, Production and Marketing Consultant, Healer, Sr. Priestess of the Soulful Womens Sanctuary

Marilyn Hager Adleman, Transformative Master CoachI offer expert coaching in advanced, leading-edge transformational processes, that combine clear guidance to remove the blocks to your success and patient mentorship with 30 years of experience in innovative project/marketing fulfillment and training.

Through our partnership, we will catapult you past the internal blocks and travel a highly effective pathway that will magnetize and manifest your greatest visions of success.

Over the past 43 years, I have trained with renowned teachers in the fields of transformation, graphic design, illustration, animation, internet and traditional marketing, holistic living, spirituality, meditation, and bodywork. I was personally trained in Transformative Coaching by Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas, functioning in partnership with them as Feminine Power Mastery Community Liaison, a Senior Coach and founding member of the Sr. Core in the Feminine Power Global Community.

I own and operate several soul-driven successful businesses featuring: Empowering Women, Multi-Media, Design, Marketing and Book Publishing, Attracting Your Soulmate, Women's Transformative Travel Adventures, Healing from Heartbreak, Transformative Bodywork, Blessings from Your Soul and, over the past 35 years, I have partnered with thousands of like-minded others to inspire and implement their successful business ventures.

Through my deep and wide background in transformative business practices, I also nurture referral relationships with product development, marketing gurus and specialty consultants to expand our partnership and take you to even greater levels of success than you have ever imagined.

I have a vision for each one of you to live a life filled with exquisite success, depth of inner knowing, joyful connection with others and fully flourishing purpose.

I am looking forward to supporting you to creat the magnificent success you most deeply desire!


Phone me: 310.844.7548

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